The Climate Run (Dec. 10)

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The Climate Run (Dec. 10)

Sunday, December 10 at  8 AM-11 AM EST


The Global Youth Climate Network, in partnership with World Bank Group Y2Y Community, invites you to take part in a 5K or 15K charity run for climate!

Join the GYCN Team as we run the ‘Jingle All the Way 5K and 15K’, alongside thousands of others!

Burn off that extra ‘insulation’ you picked up over thanksgiving while meeting others who are passionate about climate change and the world we live in!

**Entry covers race registration and includes a GYCN race t-shirt and Jingle All the Way Beanie. The FIRST TEN entrants will also receive a free GYCN tote bag!**

GYCN Prizes will be awarded for:
– The participants who raise the most money for a climate-related charity
– The top GYCN male race time in the 5K
– The top GYCN male race time in the 15K
– The top GYCN female race time in the 5K
– The top GYCN female race time in the 15K

In addition, the Jingle All the Way event organizers award prizes for the top race times in each category, and for the best dressed individual, couple, and team. While GYCN members are encouraged to wear their GYCN Team T-shirt for the race, if you want to get creative then please feel free to get yourself a polar bear costume or a climate change related costume!

Participants are encouraged to raise additional funds for climate related charities. You can start a fundraising page to share with colleagues, friends and family using GoFundMe

Charities focused on climate include:
– Union of Concerned Scientists
– Renewable Energy Foundation
– Environmental Defense Fund
– Sierra Club Foundation
– The Nature Conservancy

Can’t (or won’t) run, but still interested in being involved? Let us know ( – volunteers are needed!


Send us an email at or at We’d love to hear from you!