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Are you a Young Professional concerned about climate change, but lacking the opportunity to implement tangible change in the area?

We feel the same way, so we have created the Global Youth Climate Network, an initiative of the World Bank Youth (Y2Y) Community, to fight climate change together!


Establish GYCN Climate Ambassadors from each and every country around the world.

Launch our Climate-Smart Entrepreneurship Competition, to encourage young people unreached through traditional channels to share and implement their ideas in mitigating climate change.

Hear from prominent climate activists, and select & sponsor climate summits and advocacy trainings.

Hold fundraisers and climate related events.

Build a network with other NGOs working in the climate field around the world.

Our Goal

To act as a catalyst for youth throughout the world to work together to develop and implement initiatives to raise awareness and mitigate climate change. We see climate change as the defining issue of this generation and see an opportunity as youth to amplify awareness and takeĀ  action!

Meatless Mondays

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