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GYCN Climate Ambassador Program 2019









Who can be a climate ambassador?

  • Anyone aged 35 and under
  • We are looking for ambassadors from all around the world
  • If you are already involved in climate related actions that’s great (but not essential)!

What does it mean to be a climate ambassador?

The role of an Ambassador is to educate, empower, inspire and connect with those in their community! To achieve this, we are looking for Ambassadors who can:

  • Commit ~3h/week of their time on climate related activities for six months beginning January 2019
  • Complete at least three climate related activities including a mandatory tree planting in your community
  • Take part in GYCN Ambassador social media campaigns

Why Become a Climate Ambassador?

Because there is no PLANet b.

We see climate change as the defining issue of this generation and see an opportunity for the youth of the world to amplify awareness and take action. Ambassadors have the opportunity to act as a catalyst for youth throughout the world to work together to develop and implement initiatives to raise awareness and mitigate climate change. This is an opportunity to be part of a cohort of likeminded youth around the globe

How does it work?

  • The program is primarily based on personal initiative from each climate ambassador. It is crucial that the chosen ambassadors are self-motivated and driven
  • Ambassadors will receive a Facebook Community invitation where they can exchange ideas, share initiatives and opportunities, and cross-promote events
  • At the end of the program each ambassador will receive a certificate outlining their contributions to, and successful completion of, the program
  • At the end of the program, prizes will be awarded for most impactful climate initiatives
  • GYCN is an initiative launched by young World Bank Group staff on a voluntary basis and is not institutionalized within the World Bank Group. GYCN is not responsible for and does not endorse the actions of its ambassadors

Ambassadors will be mandated to complete three climate related activities; one mandatory (tree planting) and two self-selected. Examples of self-selected initiatives may include but are not limited to the below suggestions

  • Host a guest speaker at your school, campus, workplace, or in your community
  • Visit schools to discuss climate
  • Influence policy by contacting your local government
  • Host a film screening of climate related movie
  • Use art channel to convey climate change messages
  • Fundraise for climate related NGOs
  • Promote climate friendly actions and waste reduction in your community – for example through a biking to school/work campaign
  • Organize a beach or litter clean-up
  • Create or volunteer with a community garden
  • Promote reusable bottles and cups by your school, university, workplace, and local coffee shops

Link to Google Application:

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